Monica Lubeck

CMC Personal Training Studio is where I walked in on Dec. 16th 2011 to begin the journey of Me!  On that day I learned and heard the very hard truth that I was not healthy, I was actually considered obese at 33.76% body fat for my height.  I had to bring that home with me and try to understand how did I allow for myself to get this way? After a few hours of stewing in this reality I came to realize. It’s not what happened or what I did wrong anymore. It was what am I going to do about it now?    I had made the first step. I signed up for my personal sessions, I had my assessment and soon I was going to get the most important information offered my nutritional plan. Now with all the tools and guidance I was ready to do my homework.


CMC to me is exactly what I needed to have for my life style. I like to call it my “All in one”.  I’m a very busy person like most. I’m a wife, a mom to 3 kids all under the age of 6 and I work… the night shift. So with all of that I needed to have my trainer, my nutritionist and support all in one place. Because of that I couldn’t have succeeded like I did.  The amazing trainers at CMC taught me how to believe in myself again, push myself and learn to embrace my success.


I loved the atmosphere I was in and the success I had accomplished. I was hungry for more and wanted to take my journey to the next level, so I joined the 907muscle girls. It’s such a great feeling to be a part of such a strong group of women.  Some that walked a similar walk as me and understood the struggles that I went through.   Some mothers who also shared the importance of being a healthy mom for ourselves but also for our children. Shortly after I signed on to the team I signed up for my first show the Momma O's 2012 NPC Midnight Sun and soon after another the 2012 NPC Washington Ironman in Seattle.  Just before walking on my first stage as a NPC Figure Competitor I had lost 18% Body fat and 30 inches.


I must admit from the beginning of my journey to today I have never felt like I was doing this on my own.  I’ve always had and still have such a great group of resources and support around me.  I have grown to love myself, my body and my life. Because I walked thru those doors on Dec 16th 2011, at CMC Personal Training Studio, today I smile a lot more and I walk a little taller. I have also added CMC Personal Training Studio Coaches Cinzia Clapp and Shawn Clapp along with all my teammates to my list of dear friends.

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