Ashley Straw

In September of 2012 I followed Team 907 Muscle Girls online as they traveled to compete out of state and I told myself I want to do that someday! My baby girl was two months old. Two months later I took myself back to CMC Personal Training Studio (again :D) and got to work!


I got my meal plan, set up training sessions, and joined the team. 15 months later I stepped on stage in Vancouver, Washington for the NPC Vancouver USA Naturals & Tanji Johnson Classic, approximately 35 pounds lighter and my body fat down about 17%! I had a blast and honestly can't wait to do it again! I took second in my class (Figure 5'4" and under) and am looking forward to this weekend where I will complete my second show, the 2014 Jackie's Place Alaska State Championships. I am so proud of what I have accomplished in the last 15 months and can't wait to set some new goals this spring and start working towards them! Train hard!


And we are proud of Ashley too. Ashley is now a Veteran 907 Muscle Girl with three competitions under her belt.  What makes Ashley's transformation even more inspiring is the fact that, Like many CMC clients, she is a mother and a wife - a, "average" woman who simply didn't let her children become a reason to quit.  She struggled to fit it all in and even wondered if she could do it at times but she never quit!  Ashley has now moved on to her next challenge - that of making her fitness goals mesh with her family responsibilities and she is off to a great start!  Look for much more success from this mother, wife and Muscle Girl!

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