Ed Saclayan

This is a little overdue..


...but as the holiday season approaches I want to thank my awesome coaches Cinzia Massaro Clapp and Shawn Clapp for the mentorship, knowledge and friendship that I've gained through this journey and for their continuing support and guidance as I get ready for the 2014 NPC Alaska State Championships.


I see them only several hours a week but their influence stays with me even when I don't. When I started in Sept 2012, I was 230 lbs and 30% body fat, taking meds to control my blood pressure, cholesterol, and type II diabetes.


Today, I'm 195 lbs at 15% body fat, while retaining my lean body mass. Also I'm off half my meds and the blood work is outstanding.


The biggest lesson I learned was that no matter how hard I worked out, my diet needed to be straight in order to see some significant changes. Inspired by my workout buddy CJ Jenkins, I've decided to compete in my first bodybuilding competition and I am taking my diet more serious.


Thanks CJ for and thank you to all my new friends that I've met along the way who have supported and cheered me on.

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