Monica Lubeck

Monica's transformation has inspired everyone around her, from her immediate family, to her coaches, to her fellow 907 Muscle Girls!  She started her journey at CMC Personal Training Studio in December 2011 at 33.76% body fat, weighing 179.5 pounds.


Monica worked hard and followed the plan laid out for her by her coaches.  Inspired by her friends around her and driven by a desire to succeed, Monica eventually decided to take her fitness to the next level and joined the 907 Muscle Girls and set her sights on walking on stage at the 2012 NPC Midnight Sun. 


Monica reached her goal of competing in the Midnight Sun in the Figure Division, and stunned her supporters and fellow Muscle Girls with her poise and grace.  Before stepping on stage Monica reached 15.72% body fat and 146.5 pounds for a total loss of 18% body fat and nearly 30 inches!


For her impressive commitment Monica was awarded the Momma O's 2012 NPC Midnight Sun Transformation Award and went on to compete again at the NPC Washington Ironman in Seattle where she turned out with even more impressive results.


Monica continues to train at CMC Personal Training Studio once a week and continues her fitness journey as a 907 Muscle Girl and is sure to continue inspiring those around her.  We are very proud of Monica's success and the example she sets for others and we are looking forward to more and more success from her!


 Monica Before Starting Her Journey 


Monica the day she started at CMC


Monica With Her Husband After the

2012 NPC Washington Ironman -

down 30 inches and 18% body fat!

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#2 Brooke 2013-06-27 19:03
Monica is a knockout!!!
#1 Cindi Duran Ewert 2012-12-17 03:54
Monica, you look awesome!!
After my second severe cycling accident(racing bike), I stopped exercise to heal...weight gain, larger clothing sizes, and not strong enough to climb mountain peaks or marathon train again. I have been inspired by how much you changed in your health, boy fat, weight loss, muscle gain! Hoping to find a program here in Salem Oregon!! You look great cousin : ))

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