Prices and packages are subject to change. All CMC services are subject to Terms and Conditions.

Services & Rates

Private Fitness Coaching

1 Hour Private Fitness Coaching

This is the most popular service at CMC Personal Training Studio - 1 hour, just you and your coach working towards your fitness goals.  Below are the available package prices: 

Package Package Price Per Session Cost
(4) 1-Hour Sessions  $360.00  $90.00
(6) 1-Hour Sessions  $504.00  $84.00
(12) 1 Hour Sessions  $960.00  $80.00
(24) 1 Hour Sessions  $1,500.00  $62.50


30 Minute Private Fitness Coaching

Are you pressed for time and find it hard to squeeze fitness into your busy schedule?  Maybe you don't believe a full hour of training will be realistic for your current condition.  Or perhaps the price of none our training sessions just isn't practical for you at the moment.  Well 30 minute sessions may be just what you are looking for:  

Package Package Price Per Session Cost
(4) 30-Minute Sessions $249.60 $62.40
(6) 30-Minute Sessions $352.80 $58.80
(12) 30-Minute Sessions $662.40 $55.16
(24) 30-Minute Sessions $1036.80 $43.20

Semi-Private (small group) Fitness Coaching

1 Hour Semi-Private Fitness Coaching

Make the comittment to train together with someone who shares your fitness goals and spread the cost as well as the motivation between you! 

Package 2 Person 3 Person  4 Person
(12) 1 Hour Sessions (price per person) $720.00 $648.00  $583.20
(24) 1 Hour Sessions (price per person) $1,200.00 $1080.00  $972.00


30 Minute Semi-Private Fitness Coaching

Get in, get out, get results!  Together with friends and family! 

Package 2 Person 3 Person 4 Person
(12) 30 Minute Sessions (price per person) $540.00 $453.00 $408.00
(24) 30 Minute Sessions (price per person) $840.00 $756.00 $668.00

Initial Diet Coaching Session

The initial diet coaching session is one information packed hour where nationally know Diet Coach Shawn will sit with you and help you develope a nutrition strategy design specifically for you.  Coach Shawn will also take you through your strategy step by step to insure you understand, not only the meal plan itself, but also the reasoning behind it.


Each initial diet coaching session includes one 30 minute follow-up session for you to use at a later date in order to insure your strategy continues working for you.



Diet Coaching Follow-up Session

Once you have completed your initial diet coaching session and have used the follow-up session that is included in the price, you may need additional adjustments and assistance in order to see continued results.  You may purchase additional 30 minute follow-up sessions.



Body Composition Assessments

Get Informed on Where You Stand and What it Will Take to Get You Where You Want to Be!

Success comes from setting specific and realistic goals and that starts by knowing precisely where you are starting from so you have a baseline to compare against. Vague goals such as "lose weight" or "lose fat" just leave too much wiggle room and allow for success to be redefined.


Body composition assessments include a thorough examination of your physique in order to determine your body fat percentage, lean mass weight, basal metabolic rate and body mass index. We will also take the time to go over the results to help you understand what it all means and how to incorporate this information into your fitness and health strategy. Future assessments can then be measured against previous ones and real progress can be charted and your strategy can be adjusted as needed.


Package Package Price Per Session Cost
1 Body Composition Assessment $40.00 -
Package of 2 Body Composition Assessments $70.00 $35.00
Package of 6 Body Composition Assessments $180.00 $30.00


Assessment packages are non-transferable and non-refundable.

Assessments must be used within six months of the date of purchase.

 Prices and packages are subject to change. All CMC services are subject to Terms and Conditions.

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